Top Poker Strategy to Look At for the Beginners

When we look from the outside, we will find poker to be very enticing & mysterious world. But, when you start playing this fun game, you will find it very daunting especially when you compare your gaming technique to pro poker players, also for non-professionals who are playing this game from a very long time. Poker and casino are well known in almost all parts of our world. We can now see people who love playing the game of poker for fun, however we see people who play for the living.

Go Slow When Playing Your Game

It’s very important to walk first before you start running. It’s one kind of approach required doesn’t matter what sphere you are starting out in, no matter whether it is poker, learning to drive or swimming. It is important to master the basics that lay the strong foundation that you will start to build to get better. We all know the popular saying, you need to put in ten thousands hours of hard work and practice to master anything, and poker playing is not at all different in such respect.


Now as you have mastered the basics, we will go towards our next thing. Now, you have to remove any kind of distractions that you face. Suppose you are playing poker online, it’s likely that you may have the TV, your mobile phone and people around you, offering you with many distractions from playing your favorite game. Suppose you are guilty of such behavior, you might not be much successful as you cannot focus.

A study has found that students who sent & received messages on the phones were less possible to score on the tests than the students that weren’t distracted by the mobile devices. Poker is no difference here, cut out the distractions in case you wish to play the better poker game!

Never Play Every Hand

After examining your poker playing patterns of the successful poker players at full ring tournaments, it is important that you see they will just play between 18 to 26% of all hands they have. Thus, they’re folding an amazing 74 to 82% of time! By folding it often, you make sure you’re not throwing out chips away by playing plenty of weak hands.

Understand the Poker Rules

Do you remember your Hold ‘em from Seven-Card Stud? It’s very important that you understand the diverse variations of the poker to make sure you’re playing it in a right way. Some common variations will include:

  • Omaha – Omaha or Omaha Hold ‘em poker is quite similar to the Texas Hold ‘em game in both the rules and the name. But, number of cards that are dealt to every player is 4 whereas number of the community cards stays at five.
  • Texas Hold ‘em – One highly popular variant of this game, and also the simplest versions, Poker Texas Hold ‘em game is the community game and where 2 cards will be dealt to every player with 5 community cards.
  • Seven-Card Stud –This way the most favorite among the poker players before the Texas Hold ‘em poker came in existence. In Seven-Card Stud poker variant, the players will be dealt 3 cards, and one of that will be face up.
  • Five-Card Draw –It is one the simplest version of poker variants, and Five-Card Draw poker is highly popular among the beginners since they get to the grips with this game. In spite of this, it isn’t the most popularized game versions, with the players preferring more Texas Hold ‘em and Seven-Card Stud.

Start Playing Poker with Your Friends

Suppose you are very serious about playing the game of poker, then you might have to seek help of the poker coach that will to analyze the game & find areas you may improve. But, even though you do not want to play in Poker Tour, then playing with your friends that are highly skilled than you can help you analyze the playing traits as well as discuss different ways that you may improve afterward.

Suppose you are playing with other poker beginners, but, you can learn together just by building on one another’s mistakes. Thus, playing with your friends can help to make this game a bit more exciting, particularly if you are on the losing streak.

Although people play poker game on various levels, they have the same passion for poker. Poker is about passion, skills and a bit of luck.