Tips for a Lucrative Online Baccarat Game Win

Online Baccarat is an engaging game and once the rules are seen at work practically, the game becomes very easy and intuitive.

  • Be familiar with the theoretical rules of the wm game
  • Ideally do not bet on the tie
  • Betting on the banker’s hand has lower house edge- odds of winning are higher
  • Do not indulge in card counting in Online Baccarat as it is a futile exercise with sophisticated number generating systems dealing the cards
  • Scout for  baccarat games that uses 6 decks instead of 8
  • Exit the game when you approach a pre-determined win amount, to ensure that the hard won money is not lost in one bet

 Capitalise on all Incentives 

Most online Casino gaming sites provide many types of bonuses to maximise their user volume. There are freebies and other incentives offered in the course of the game.

Ensure that you make the fullest use of these incentives, within the framework of the Terms and Conditions of the Gaming site, as they are likely to improve your bankroll, reduce the out-of-hand expenses for you, and also improve your level of stake to aim for higher wins.

Play Fake Money Practice Games

There are many online casino games that can be availed free of cost, without betting any real money.

Playing multiple rounds on such portals affords good practice to understand new game.

Going one step forward, aim to play the same game with fake money (practice games) on different portals, to normalize the “fake money wins” across the portals, so that when you are on a real game, you have experienced a wide spectrum of winning odds and are better poised to win.

Play with Full Focus

While Online games can get us completely hooked, in the interest of making fair win, it is important to play with full focus.

This would mean- playing when your logical reasoning and analytical thinking is in top form- when you are fully fresh, not in any form of inebriation, not sleepy/ tired etc.

While many online games may depend on luck, wins from those games that call for some level of reasoning and analysis can be maximized simply by being in your best mental form.

Exit Strategy

Even before you start your online game, do  devise your exit strategy and stick to the plan.

Your strategy may be to exit as soon as you have won X amount; it may be to exit as soon as you have spent Y amount with no returns; it may even be to exit after playing for Z amount of time without making a predetermined amount of win.

Do not Fall into the Vicious Spiral of loss-making. When the going gets rough, think clearly and restrategise your exit plan.

Closing Words

The whole purpose of Online Casino Gaming is to enjoy the thrill of the ride and also make some quick money. By simply following a common-sense approach, both these needs can be met. Happy Gaming!