Most online casino players are after huge jackpots. It is common to see prizes worth millions of dollars when playing online casino games. Progressive betting makes playing at more thrilling. Jackpot prizes grow and become an even more massive amount.

Blackjack is a popular online casino game. Most players look for the best blackjack progressive experience when choosing an online casino.

Progressive betting

This blackjack game is so easy that even beginners can play it. One of the differences between the regular and the progressive blackjack is the extra optional side bet to your hand. A bonus payout is available when you land a qualifying hand. Players still need to place standard game bets. The prize pool grows over time. A part of the wager goes into the jackpot when a player makes a side bet. The amount keeps on rising until someone lands four suited aces. That person wins the jackpot prize.

How to play

This version begins like any other blackjack game. Two betting regions are in the circular betting area. A smaller circle or coin slot is where you place your progressive side bet. Most people do not wager more than a dollar on side bets. The majority of online casinos restrict progressive side bets to a certain amount. You can play many blackjack hands at once. Make sure you stand, hit, double, or split on each hand. You also have to place separate side bets on each hand. There are usually no differences in house rules, but it would be best to check.

Winning progressive blackjack side bets

There is a chance you can win your side bet even when the dealer beats your hand. Place your real money bet before the game starts. Landing a qualifying card combination lets you win. For online versions, you win when your first four cards are suited aces. Some casinos let players win by having four aces of the same color. Aside from the four suited aces, many other hands qualify for a handsome prize.

Four suited aces as your first cards give you the jackpot prize. The following includes the payouts for other hands.

  • Three suited aces as first three cards = 5,000:1
  • Any four aces as first four cards = 2,500:1
  • Any three aces as first three cards = 250:1
  • Any two aces as first two cards= 50:1
  • Two suited aces as first two cards = 100:1
  • An ace as first or second card = 5:1

The great payouts are one of the reasons why blackjack is very appealing to a lot of players. Although top sites still have a 5% edge over players, people still play progressive blackjack.

Best blackjack sites

When choosing where to place your wager, look for a proper license on the home page. The site should be legal, licensed, and offers regulated games. Check out what banking methods are available. The site should ensure that your data is safe and secure. Put the bonuses and promotions offered by the site into consideration as well. An excellent customer service reachable 24/7 will provide a better gaming experience for players.