Know more about Slotxo and its Bonuses

There are many games available online that you can play. Especially for those who love to play slots in arcades. There are many options you can choose from. With the advent of technology, it is no longer surprising that many games were developed.

One of these is the slotxo 1234. Online slot games are straightforward to play. People playing this game can be entertained and enjoy while on this game. In this game, there is no popular amount to bet for starting. You can begin even in a small amount.  Slotxo is the latest website that provides the best offers and updated games. For new members, they will receive a lot of bonuses that the website offers.

Here are the bonuses that the website can offer:

  • New Member Bonus

-a 120% bonus amount is given to the new members of the website.  Almost all the websites provide this type of bonus. Yet, only a few websites can provide a full bonus amount. This will give the new players to get more funds where they can use for betting on games.

  • Deposit Bonus

– when you deposit funds in slotxo, 10% of your depositing amount will go into your account. Once you are a new member, the bonus amount you can get is different. Especially when you are depositing funds with no particular limit. You will get the 10% of the amount for your betting easily.

  • Loss Bonus

          – many online gamers are wishing to get their losing bets when it comes to the point that they almost lost. How they can wish they can redeem all their lost bets. Slotxo gives you 5% of the amount that is lost during the games at the end of the month.

  • Birthday Bonus

            – if you are a loyal member of slotxo and have been consistent for more than 2 months. Then you are entitled to get the amount of 500 baht jackpot directed in your funds. You can use your birthday luck with this jackpot amount and win directly.

            Many latest games provide better visuals and they can be played easily.  Some of the gaming sites have free tutorials so that you’ll have an idea of how to play the game. And can practice it well before dealing with the real game. New games provide many rewards and discounts for playing not only because they are new. But also the websites would like the members to try and play the game. So that they’ll have an overview of the players are satisfied with the game or not.