How Do Online Slot Players Get The Benefits Of Bad Beat?

The thrill of the game is enough to keep people coming back for more, but at the end of the day, many gamblers are looking for a little something extra. Fortunately, there are a few ways that players can get better odds on slot games. Here is how to get the benefit of a bad beat.

Lower House Edge

SomeĀ rtp slot games have lower payout percentages than others, making it more likely that you’ll win. Payout percentages can vary anywhere between 90-99% for a slot game. The closer to 99%, the better the odds that you’re going to lose your money.

Better Payout Scheme

If you’re playing for differences, you’re less likely to lose your money. One that pays out some of the time and not others, will be helpful to your bottom line. But if there is a higher payout percentage on that one difference, it can add up.

The High Roller Approach

Certain slot games are only open to higher bettors doing $100 spins or more in one hand. This may not make the odds of winning any higher, but it does make your money go further.

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Free Play

Some slot games allow you to play without actually paying for spins. The modern slot game takes this a step farther by allowing you to get free chances just by watching a video or something similar. While it’s not actually free if you have to watch the commercials, it makes it so that you don’t actually lose money when spinning the reels.

The Premium Experience

Players are starting to see that some slot games offer a premium experience. This could mean better payouts, prizes or maybe something else. It all depends on what the game offers but it’s certainly worth investigating.

Surf on the Web

With sweepstakes and free promotion sites you have the chance to win free slot credits or other prizes. A lot of times there will be bonus features, like a bonus game or some other entertainment value that keeps people playing until they win something bigger, like cash prizes.


It’s important to look at strategy and make sure it’s going to work for you. There are a lot more slot games out there than ever before which means you can find something that fits your playstyle. If you’re not sure where to start with your strategy, check out some of the different sites listed on the links page.