In Chinese Poker, a player wins one unit per beaten hand and loses one unit for every hand that beats his or her hands. There will be no winner or loser if the hands are equal. The main point is to make a balanced three hands. One great hand with two weak hands will not suffice. Consider your cards well when forming hands.

Increased payments and special hands

It is common for players to play using the regular payments as mentioned above. But, adding two further features  to the stakes make it more exciting for plenty of players. One of these features is the increased payments for certain hands. Another is that some special 13-card hands become automatic winners.

Increased payments

Players decide and come into agreement in advance about the value of each. Here are examples of increased payments.

  • Winning the front hand with a full house will let you get three units instead of one.
  • Winning the middle hand with a three-of-a-kind gives you two units instead of one.

Special hands

Players also decide and agree in advance if they allow special hands. When two special hands appear, the higher wins the full amount and the lower loses its value. The losing special hand can still win against other players. Here are examples of special hands.

Poker Strategies

  • Six pairs

It is a hand with six pairs with one odd card. Compare the highest pairs if there are two players with six-pair-hands. It wins three units.

  • Three straights

It consists of three straights. There are five-card straights for the back and middle hand. A three-card straight should be for the front. If two players have three straights, compare the highest straights or back hands. Compare the middle hands if the back hands are equal. If they are still equal, compare the front straights. This wins three units.

  • Three flushes

The back and middle hand should be flushes with the front hand being a three-card flush. If there are two players with three flushes, the one with a better back hand wins. If equal, compare middle hands. If still equal, compare the fronts. It gives you three units.

  • Complete straight

It consists of a card for each rank. It is okay to mix the suits. Two players having this hand results in a tie. It lets you have thirteen units.

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