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Online Gambling as an industry has emerged from the online gaming industry has now gone on to become a $150 million industry itself and is increasing every second. Gambling is an addiction, much like smoking, cigarettes or drugs and has the same target audience as them, i.e., vulnerable youth. Legally, people with age 18 or above are allowed to gamble online but the engagement of a huge number of juveniles in gamblings hows that the gambling portal owners, apps and sites have not adopted apt measures to check for fake identity cards that minors might use for gambling. Research studies show that nearly 50% of the youth are involved in some or other kind of gambling activities.


Online Gambling is a non-substantial form of addiction found in behavioral aspects of the subject. Facilitated with growing technology, it has turned on to affect the lives of people in many ways. Increased stress and anxiety, substance abuse, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD’S), irregular sleep patterns, depression etc. can be some concerns caused by gambling online. Studies and research related to various physiological and psychological aspects related to gambling on the internet have been conducted and laws relating to the same are being regulated and amended accordingly.

Online Gambling


Online Gambling on สมัคร live22 is often considered as a leisure play game by many when not acquainted with its cons. Poker, rummy, Teen Patti, Blackjacks, roulettes and casinos are some famous gamble games in India that people continue to play and it has been there for decades but has changed its form, i.e., from offline gambling to gambling over the internet. Since the pandemic has hit the country, leisure time of an average working Indian has increased by 4 to 5 hours which has increased the number of people involved in the process of gambling through the internet. Online sports betting is a very famous kind of gamble in India which is very evident in sports like cricket, hockey and football.

Developments in the online gambling scenarios have been huge owing to present technology that offers high-speed internet and electronic devices making it easier for even children to get access to gambling online whilst the gambling offers high expectations of money-making as a bait. Online Gambling has been effective for many decades but much like social media, gaming and other worlds, it is very evident now.