The action theme has been a trend in several segments in the entertainment industry. These include books, films, and now, even the casino industry joined the fray. Action themes fit with several storylines with ease, making it popular among the crowd. There are hundreds of action-themed slot games out there. The following games are the top worth playing for most players.

Lost Vegas

This slot game is a bit different than most action-themed slot games. The setting of this game is the gambler’s paradise, none other than Las Vegas. The city in this game is not quite the paradise it once was and zombies have taken over the joint. Players can either join their number or sign up as a survivor. Those who choose to become a survivor need to evade the zombies while trying to rack up winnings along the way. The pretty intense graphics make this game great but some people are not into it. It injects a touch of horror to the action-themed reel-spinning mayhem.

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Dead or Alive Slot: Cowboy’s Paradise

A lot of people love the bravery, the gun-slinging, and everything the Wild West offers. This awesome slot game, based on the old American Wild West, employs all the well-known icons of the genre. These include a ragged old Sheriff, the big hat and boots, whiskey, and guns. Dead or Alive is a well-presented slot offering excellent winning opportunities. There is a bunch of fun and action sprinkled along the way to add excitement to the game.

300 Shields

This full of action slot game combines elements of history and legend. The basis for 300 Shields is the epic battle that occurred at Thermopylae. It uses a background that brings to mind the Spartan fields. It depicts where the determined Spartan warriors fought against the invading Persian army. The reels spin with Ancient Greek symbols. There are epic multipliers that range in the hundreds. The lush visuals attract a lot of players. This fast-paced slot game can increase pulses. It is even more exciting when the Shield Scatter joins forces with the Warrior Wild.

The action theme adds more excitement to the already thrilling slot games. Most online casinos offer plenty of pkv games and slot games with various themes. Some are available for both online and offline playing. It would be best to try all the games to find out which game you would enjoy the most. Each game offers different features and gaming experience.