St. Cloud Zeolite | Winston, NM | Ash Meadows, NV | Bowie, AZ

Welcome to GSA Resources, Inc.webpage.  This is the oldest website devoted to natural zeolites and has begun to show its age.  This past July 2010 the zeolite operations of GSA which were part of the Zeox Corporation were purchased by St Cloud Mining Company,   the largest producer of natural zeolites in the United States.  As a result, operations are significantly expanded and are continuing as a world leader in the development of industrial, consumer and environmental applications for natural zeolites products.

As a primary supplier of  zeolite minerals, St Cloud Mining Company has corporate strategy focused on the production of zeolite products for our customers who have developed a variety of specialty and "Proprietary" applications that utilize these unique natural mineral materials.

Thank you, for stopping here at GSA/St Cloud. If you believe you have an application that can use our products, or would like additional information about How We Can Help, we would like to hear from you, so please contact either Dan Eyde CTO at or Joe McEnaney VP Sales & Marketing at and we will get you the information you need.